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    Swim Wear

    Swim Wear

    Show Off Your Baby Bump With Stylish Swimwear!

    Ask any woman and they will tell you that the worst possible time to be pregnant is during the summer months. Something about it, raises body temperature making you feel hotter, and not in the good way! We set out to make your summer just a little bit cooler, so that no matter how big your baby bump grows, you can show it off with some very stylish swimwear!

    At TeNurse, we know that good clothing is sometimes hard to find, especially when you have the pregnancy belly. We can also tell you that it is one of the reasons we have focused our efforts into providing maternity clothes for today’s woman.

    We see no reason for you to spend your time sitting at home, barefoot and pregnant! The only barefoot we want you to be is when you are standing on a beach or sitting poolside wearing clothing that makes you feel all woman!

    There are a lot of maternity swimsuit options for you to choose from. Each one guaranteed to support your baby bump while making you look like the glowing woman that you deserve to be seen as. They are cute, comfortable, and maybe even a little sexy depending on the style you choose.

    You can even choose two-piece tankini swimsuits and show the world that gestation looks good on you!

    Perhaps you could even cover your bathing suit with dresses that are ideal for beachwear as you set off to the beach or return home from the end of the day. They are the perfect outfit choices for keeping you cool and making you feel all woman no matter where you end up.

    Our swimsuits are made of cotton and polyester. This gives them the stretch that they need to support your bump. It also allows them to be wearable even after you lose the bump and you’re looking for nursing or post-partum styles.

    This is something we feel is important to provide our mommy’s-to-be with because we understand that you only carry a baby in your belly for 40 weeks. The outfits you choose to wear during that time should be cute and stylish enough to wear when you are carrying that baby in your arms as well!

    We provide several options when it comes to swim wear for today’s mom. They are available in a variety of sizes to meet your needs as your body changes from pre-baby to post-pregnancy. At TeNurse make it simple and fun to show off your baby bump no matter what season it is!