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    Nursing and intimates

    Nursing and intimates

    Intimate Nursing Wear Can Be Cute and Comfortable

    Congratulations on the fact that you are welcoming a new bundle to your family. We think it is awesome. Pregnancy is such a special time in a woman’s life. However, for most ladies, it is a time when they feel overwhelmed. Your body becomes different in the blink of an eye. You go from pre-baby-body to something you cannot recognize within a few short months. Then poof, you are holding a baby trying to get back into your pre-baby clothes.

    Though we cannot change the effect that your body is going to go through a little time of insanity; we can assure you that nursing intimate clothing can be cute, comfortable, and maybe even a little sexy!

    We know! Most ladies hear the words maternity clothes, and do not imagine anything sexy, comfortable, or cute. We all seem to have this idea that once pregnant, those things are traded in for baggy shirts, jogging pants, and a ba-humbug outlook on fashion. It does not have to be that way.

    For instance, let’s talk about nursing bras. When you hear nursing, you may only think about how it only helps after the baby is born. Not necessary! They are designed specifically to comfort your body as your breasts change and grow in preparation for breast feeding. They have cotton linings, wider straps, and typically do not have any type of underwire. Yes, they have a clip that make breast feeding easier, but they can reduce strain when you are carrying them in your belly as well. They can also be stylish and show off your new breasts in a good way!

    Panties may also be something we do not think about as we begin the journey into motherhood. However, we can honestly tell you that you want to look at your options. Much the same as all other clothing styles for a mom-to-be, panties are now designed to take your personal style into consideration while providing the comfort that your baby bump needs. Often, they are made of cotton that stretches easily. You can choose underwear that supports your baby bump, those that are going to feel sexy under dresses, and there are even some that may just be a part of your baby belly outfits list when you just want to relax.

    When it comes to growing a tiny human, you could not have picked a better time! Ladies no longer have to upset their baby bump because their pants or intimates are too tight. We no longer have to make do and just roll down our clothes to make them fit comfortably. Trust us when we say that you will like these new items more than you have ever imagined!