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    Be Stylish With Maternity Bottoms Throughout Pregnancy

    How many women have you known in the past that went from dressing stylishly pre-baby bump to loungewear 24/7 during pregnancy? We get it! We understand why some people do it. But we say that there could be a much more fun and supportive way to go about it.

    In saying that, we will let you in on a little secret: You can keep the style that you love pre-baby throughout your pregnancy, and beyond. All you have to do is comfort the baby bump with maternity bottoms.

    We don’t mean find some leggings! Though, there is nothing wrong with them. We just want you to not feel as though leggings are your only option.

    We are simply saying, you can keep your denim if you want to. As a bonus, they will be the most comfortable pair of bottoms you have ever wiggled your way into!

    Maternity clothes, especially the pants, are designed to be supportive of your baby bump and comfortable for you. Most have an elastic waistband that can keep your belly from hanging, which can reduce some stress on your belly and your back. It may also keep you from feeling top heavy.

    For those that want it, there are legging-style clothing options and they do make wonderful outfits. They are ideal for running errands and hanging out around the house. They can be perfect when paired with a nice top. If that’s your personal style, we encourage you to wear it!

    When you want to go out on a date night with your significant other, though, you may want more style. That is something you are entitled to, baby bump or not! And who doesn’t enjoy wearing a little denim or cute dresses with stockings?

    With that in mind, we do want to express that at TeNurse, we understand that not everyone wants to upgrade their entire wardrobe for the nine-months of pregnancy. That would be silly! However, having some comfortable clothes while you are pregnant, that are stylish enough for you to enjoy wearing will improve the overall experience of it. It will ensure that you feel like the beautiful woman that you are!

    Our clothing is designed to last. We are here to support you during the baby bump phase and beyond. These clothes can be worn and enjoyed during the postpartum and nursing stage as well. The elasticity of our bottoms will conform to your body always. There are sizes that will work for all body types and we will be adding more styles frequently to ensure that there is something available you can love wearing.