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    Active Wear

    Active Wear

    Enjoy The Comfort of Our Maternity Active Wear

    Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful and awesome times in a woman’s life. Even if you hate the way your ankles swell or you begin to waddle, it is still a time when you are at your most beautiful! The rest is just details and there are so many things you can do to ease those pregnancy woes!

    One is to wear comfortable and supportive clothing.

    Luckily, on this, we have you covered and can only hope you trust us when we encourage you to be comfortable in your own skin with our maternity active wear!

    We know it sounds silly, but it's true! That beautiful baby bump you are carrying needs cozy, well-fitting clothing! Pants should be supportive while providing you with relief.

    From what we have seen, all too often ladies simply roll their pants down under their bump, then conceal it with a shirt. If that's what you want to do, great!

    However, we feel that it can also increase discomfort by applying pressure to the lower abdomen. Wouldn’t it be better to have pants that stretch over your bump?

    It could enable you to go shopping without feeling pressure on your belly. You may be able to enjoy spending time with your other kids because you won’t feel as weighed down by the rapidly growing baby belly. And, it could just increase your overall contentment especially when paired with other clothes that are designed for pregnancy and nursing.

    Our activewear can make great outfits for your pregnant belly whether you want to show it off or conceal that your little bundle is making your belly off-center. Well-fitting shorts and leggings can be worn with maternity shirts or under dresses, if you want the added support, but the feeling of being dressed up.

    Your comfort during this wonderful time is something you earn every day that you are carrying that precious little bundle. At TeNurse, we feel you deserve to be pampered a little!

    As your belly goes and you put away the “pre-baby clothes”, know that you will one day find your way back to them. Until that moment, we can give you activewear that can keep up with your body’s changes, both before the baby is born and afterward as you work back toward your pre-baby body.

    Our active wear clothing is made to last and designed for women just like you! Are you willing to let us make you more comfortable?